IRC Rules

October 19th, 2006 by Maestro

First some notes:

  • For legal purposes a licensed series is defined as one that has been licensed in the USA.
  • A Fserv is any script that serves files over IRC, including, but not limited to, standard Fserv servers and XDCC servers.
  • Scripts are defined as any code/add-on that run automatically, in response to a trigger or by a command entered by the user in their client.
  • Advertising: Telling someone about a product, website or service as part of conversation is not advertising. Telling users and/or the whole channel about a product, website or service when it isn’t part of conversation is advertising.


  1. No sharing of licensed material or asking about downloading any licensed material. The default reference for what is licensed will be’s Grand High Licensing List, located at since it’s kept up to date. Additionally we will keep a separate list of titles that are unlicensed but unallowed. Any company may request that their title(s) be added to this list by sending us an E-mail at (licensing at listing each title.
  2. Fservs are allowed that comply with rule #1. (OPs may periodically check Fservs to see if they have any licensed material, additionally OPs will accept reports of licensed material being shared and users can send E-mail to (licensing at to report licensed material being shared. All reports will be investigated. Any user caught sharing licensed material will be punished.)
  3. Users that repeatedly ask for information that can be found easily on their own will be asked to refrain from such behavior. Otherwise this behavior is acceptable, but it is also acceptable for the OPs to tell the user how to find the info on their own instead of just answering the question.
  4. Users are not allowed to give away spoilers to any titles on the open channel.
  5. No advertising of any kind is allowed. This includes advertising to the main channel or to individual users with private messages orĀ  notices.
  6. All users are to treat each other civilly and respectfully, so no flame wars or trolling.
  7. All users are not to offend nor defame any entity.
  8. Users are not allowed to do text floods. These can include just typing too many lines very rapidly or doing a large copy and paste of text.
  9. General conversation on the main channel should be in English and/or Japanese, but be prepared to translate what you said in Japanese if someone asks. Because of this it’s best to do lengthy discussions in any language other than English in private messages. OPs have the discretion to ask users to start using English instead of Japanese or to move the discussion to private messaging. (Note: If demand grows for other languages this rule may be modified.)