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July 19th, 2011 by akaiwolf

Greetings, fellow AnimeBloggers!

As you may have noticed from the past few newsletters, AnimeBlogger has been undergoing some changes. The next change in the works is the introduction of paid hosting services.

The plans will come into effect only on the 31st of August.

Now, you may ask, what do we mean by paid hosting services?

For a start, we will have the following plans available from the 1st of August 2011 onwards. (All prices are in USD)

‘ FTP Access Add-on: $1.00/mth

‘ Ad-free Upgrade: $1.50/mth

‘ HDD Storage (50G) Upgrade: $1.00/mth

‘ Bandwidth (50G) Upgrade: $1.00/mth

‘ Full Service Paid Hosting: $3.50/mth (Full Service Paid Hosting includes all of above add-ons and upgrades)

And if you sign up for a two-year period at once you get a discounted rate of $3.00/mth!

‘ Own Domain Add-on: Registration cost of the domain

For a limited time (until December 2011), if you sign up for any Full Service plan, you can get a 1-year domain (.com/.net/.org) registration for $6.00 only! (Most registrars charge $10.00) You also get free WHOIS protection by DreamHost!


The limitations for each site (before add-ons) will be: 1GB HDD Storage, 3GB Bandwidth Transfer/Month.


We will be contacting our current blog owners within the month about their sites. If you’d like to sign up, contact us at support[at]animeblogger[dot]net or wait for our new sign-up process to be ready.


-AnimeBlogger Team

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