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April 19th, 2011 by akaiwolf

Good day everyone,

Just a quick update on the schedule and things happening here.

1. Migration for AnimeBlogger sites will commence 23rd April 2011 thru 29th April 2011.

Bloggers may notice downtime due to migration. I will make an attempt to notify the blog owner before their blog’s scheduled downtime.

Only some blogs will be migrated, there will be a slight delay in full migration due to other server downtime/unavailability with our host

2. Other bloggers who are moving into AnimeBlogger

I have received multiple requests for bloggers that are interested to move onto AnimeBlogger hosting, please note that there will be a page up on this website soon regarding that.

3. Change in plans for all bloggers

Following up on the newsletter sent out on the 14th of April, more details will be available here soon.The implementation of current users to new plans will be made during the first week of May at latest, so you have time to consider it.(Again, the plans and add-ons will be posted here within the week)

4. AnimeBlogger Status Blog

You probably may have noticed that the status blog is down, any urgent updates on server status, etc will be put up on twitter on the hashtag #animeblogger, and on facebook in the animeblogger.net group.

5. AnimeBlogger Community Page on FaceBook

We are in the midst of creating the community page, more to come next week.

6. Donations to AnimeBlogger

Please ensure that donations to AnimeBlogger go towards donations[at]animeblogger.net. You might notice the company name listed as Reinforce Networks. They are our hosting company, and this to ensure that donations made will (directly) go towards the payment for our servers.

-The AnimeBlogger Team

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