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January 15th, 2009 by Maestro

AnimeBlogger.net provides free blog hosting and resources for the anime and manga blogging community. Be sure to check out:

  • The Antenna, an anime/manga blog aggregator that makes it easy to find posts on whatever series you’re interested in.
  • The Forums where you can hang out and chat about your favorite series, what you’ve bought recently and also ask for help with your blog.
  • Our IRC Channel is a great place for those that prefer real-time chatting. Be sure to read the channel rules.
  • Our Java IRC chat client is great for those who want to chat on IRC but don’t want to fool with setting up a client. It allows you to chat on our IRC channel directly from your web browser.
  • Help support AnimeBloggger.net by using our affiliate links when shopping online. This, and your donations, help keep AnimeBlogger.net running, growing and offering new resources for the community!

Those interested in free hosting for their anime/manga oriented blog should read this post by Maestro, AnimeBlogger.net’s owner. It explains how to get hosting with us.

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